Who, after reading the first problems, though to find here a beautiful program for Excel: I have to disappoint you. Not however those who are very busy in their daily job and are happy to have their Rdinner problems solved by me.
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In the past I send the first versions of my program free to anyone who asked for it. But that resulted often in end endless questionnaire because either the receiving parties did not read the instructions thouroughly or had overestimated their skills in Excel.

Secondly: macro's (code in VisualBasic for automating tasks) have the nasty behaviour that they quickly jam on an wrong input or when colums/rows are removed; whether or not intentional. Also that caused a lot of confusion at third parties.

In the meantime my program contains circa 90 macro's, together more than 9000 codelines, printed roughly 150 papers size A4. So on an unexpected jam on the other side of the line caused me not only an headache but also a lot of time to sort out what exactly went wrong.

For above mentioned reasons I stopped distributing my program and instead build this website. Now most of the questions about a Running Dinner hopefully will be solved.

rest of course the question:



By pressing the knob above you can download a fill-in form in Excel. If you need help on that: press the blue button in the first column.

the form contains a workpage where you first can check if your problem can be solved. If that is the case you have to fill in the neccessary data my program needs on an other workpage.

On receipt of the form I feed the program and run it for a solution. the costs for this effort, included production of the so-called running directions (see organisation) and support during the process by mail do not extend the price for a good bottle of whiskey. This minor amount of money is by far not in relation to the time I spend in your solution but more important: it saves you a lot of puzzling and a headache!